PB4L (Positive Behaviour 4 Learning)

The school implements the programme called Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L).

The programme is aimed at all students. We have created our own mascot (Tūmeke Taniwha) to promote the values (see above) that the school believes that all members of the school community should display.

Vouchers have been created displaying these values and students and staff are awarded vouchers when they are seen to be modelling one or more of these. All the vouchers go into a draw at our fortnightly assemblies, giving the lucky winners a chance to have a spin of the ‘prize wheel’ to see what they have won. Special draws also happen at our end of term and end of year assemblies.

We are always looking for new and exciting ways of promoting the EKE Values, and ensuring that our tamariki not only model these values at school but also out and about in the wider community.

Tūmeke is a well-loved member of our school community who has been on many adventures in the school.

He has also started exploring the rest of Aotearoa, going on trips around the country with some of our staff. He is used to further promote the EKE Values throughout the school, with classes loving having him visit.

As part of our fortnightly assemblies, a team within the school are awarded the honour of hosting Tūmeke Taniwha and showing that they model the EKE Values. They will then share their adventures with the rest of the school when they next have assembly. The teams can present their time with Tūmeke any way they like, with some creating videos, slideshows, and more inventive ways of showing what a great time they had having Tūmeke work with them around the EKE Values.

Once they have shared their journey, the ‘school wheel’ is spun to find out who Tūmeke is going to visit next.