Board of Trustees

Paula Douglas (Chairperson/Personnel)
Occupation: Cardiac Physiologist
Three children at Forest Lake School 
Christine Jessop (Principal)
This is my 25th year at Forest Lake School and my 20th year as Principal. I'm still here because I love our school and our community. Nothing ever stands still in education and its these changes that continue to challenge and  motivate me as I strive to lead and have a positive influence on our children's future.

Shaun Hitchens (Community)
Occupation: Storeman
Children: Mackayla & Xavier

Bruce Gordon (Staff Trustee)
Occupation: Teacher
Evan Mayo (Property)
Occupation: Architect
Two children at Forest Lake School
Natalie Palmer (Policy)
Occupation: Lawyer

Melita Bennett (Health & Safety and Maori Representative)
Occupation: Retail Assistant
Children: Hawaiki & Wairua
Greg Hobson (Finance)
Occupation: Deputy Principal
Children: Ethan and Willow
Bio: I am an ex-pupil of Forest Lake and have coached a number of sports teams at Forest Lake. I'm passionate about our Kura and ensuring that our children get the best possible education that they deserve.

Faith Pompey (Secretary)
Occupation: Administrative Officer