Board of Trustees

Tharrin Way (Chairperson) Occupation: Data specialist
Two children at Forest Lake School I am a photographer, gamer, and enjoy having a go at BMX at 40 years old!

Christine Jessop (Principal)
I love to travel and explore other cultures. I have recently travelled to South America and explored countries that some of our pupils call home.

Phoebe Wilson (Staff Trustee)
Occupation: Teacher

Shaun Hitchens (Community)
Occupation: Ikon Factory Manager
Children: Caitlyn, Mackayla & Noah (two at Forest Lake)
Evan Mayo (Property)
Occupation: Architect
Three children at Forest Lake School

Melita Bennett (Health & Safety and Maori Representative)
Occupation: Retail Assistant
Children: Maia & Hawaiki

Paula Douglas (Policy)
One child at Forest Lake School 

Annette Dyer (Secretary, Funding grants)
Occupation: Administrator

Media Gallery

Evan Mayo
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Christine Jessop
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Phoebe Wilson
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Shaun Hitchens
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Melita Bennett
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Greg Hobson
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Tharrin Way
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Annette Dyer
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Greg Hobson (Personnel)
Occupation: Teacher at Fraser High
Children: Isla & Ethen
I recently moved back from England after spending 12 years there. I am an ex-pupil of Forest Lake and currently coach a football team. I enjoy running in my 'spare' time and targeting half and full marathons.