International Students

Forest Lake School welcomes International Students that come to live and study in New Zealand with their families.  We are able to host these students as a signatory to the International Student Code of Practice.  Students must be staying with at least one of their parents while in New Zealand.  To be able to attend Forest Lake School, the family must also be staying within our school zone.  We cannot accept any International Student living outside of our zone.
All International Students are fully integrated in the lifestyle and culture of the school, and take part in a variety of activities to improve and develop their English language ability.  International Students are placed in our classrooms with peers of a similar age group and will experience the many opportunities available to all students at Forest Lake School. 
Forest Lake School is ethnically and culturally diverse.  We are able to cater for students from a wide range of ethnic, cultural and language backgrounds. 
In addition to their class they are placed in, students receive extra ESOL support to improve their learning.  We have experienced Teacher Aide Support Staff working with students to provide additional support with English language learning.